Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy,

We just wanted to reach out and let you know that on May 27th we have finally received permission from the government of Ontario to re-open our clinic!!

This is VERY exciting news, but unfortunately, things will be a little different around the office to reflect the changes that Covid -19 has brought into our lives. I assure you all these changes are necessary, and mandatory in order to keep our clients, and therapists safe and healthy, and we ask that you be understanding and patient with these changes. Here is a small sneak peek at our new protocols, but as the information we receive from the government and our Regulatory College is constantly evolving we may need to change them, and/or add more.

Pre screening image

Pre screening

You will be receiving a pre-screening email from us, 24 hours before your appointment,which you must fill out. If you forget to complete it, we will be calling to remind you. When you arrive at the clinic you will be asked the same questions by your RMT, just to make sure there was no changes in your health in the last 24 hours. Your temperature will also be taken with a touchless thermometer

Staggered appointment times image

Staggered appointment times

We will be staggering the start time of the appointments to minimize the chance that there is more than 1 person in the reception area at a time. This means you might get a weird appointment start time like 2:20pm or 3:10 pm.

Waiting for your appointment image

Waiting for your appointment.

In order to make our waiting room safer and decrease congestion we have removed some of the chairs, and replaced them with plastic chairs, that can be easily sanitized. If you feel more comfortable waiting outside,or in your car until your exact appointment time, please feel free to do so. Please do not arrive to early for your appointment, and please come alone to minimize the amount of people in the waiting area. If the treatment room is sanitized and ready for you, you may be asked to go wait in the treatment room, until your RMT is ready.

Hand washing and sanitizing image

Hand washing and sanitizing

We will be asking you to sanitize or wash your hands upon entering the clinic. We have set up many touchless sanitizing stations throughout the clinic, as well as making our washroom as touchless as possible to make this easier for you. As always our RMT's will be following strict hand sanitizing protocols

Masks and PPE image

Masks and PPE

Our RMT's will be wearing masks throughout your treatment to protect you. Until Ontario's COVID numbers decrease we will be asking you to do the same. The reason behind this is our treatment rooms are to small to be 6 feet apart, therefor masks are mandatory. We encourage you to bring your own, but if you forget we will have some here for you, which we will sell at cost price.

Our therapists will also be wearing a apron, which they will be changing in between every client

Cleaning and disinfecting image

Cleaning and disinfecting

Although we were always on top of disinfecting the clinic, we will be upping our cleaning game. We have removed everything that cannot be quickly sanitized from the clinic, including all extra padding on tables.(sorry!) We will have a 2 step cleaning protocol of everything in the treatment rooms.


Step one: Clean


Step Two: Disinfect with Ministry of Health approved disinfectant.

This includes everything in the treatment room, as well as high touch areas, such as the waiting room, door knobs and light switches.

As always we will be washing all linens and blankets in hot water with detergent and bleach, and replacing all linens ( even blankets) in between every client.

We have also purchased air purifiers with UV lights for every treatment room. This helps filter the air every 20 minutes, and the UV light helps kill bacteria and virus.

Payments and receipts

Payments and receipts

We will no longer be accepting cash as payment. All payments must be made by credit or debit cards, via tap. We have increased our tap limit so you should be able to tap for most treatments. If you simply want to walk out of the clinic after your treatment, without stopping at the reception desk, you can add your credit card to your online booking account. This way we can process your card for payment after your appointment and the RMT receipt will be emailed to you automatically. Don't worry It's completely secure and supported by Payfirma. Once in the system no one can see your card numbers, not even us. For more information on how to do this click here

There are also a few treatments that we will no longer be able to provide, such as TMJ work, and face massage until further notice. We can however, still help you with self massage and home care for TMJ issues.

Our wonderful RMT's return to work dates

Although we have permission to open our doors from the government, they have clearly stated that the opening must be gradual. Therefor not all our RMT's will be returning to practice immediately. This is due to various personal reasons such as family obligations, or pre-existing health concerns. I trust that you understand, and will be patient with our re-opening process. Here is a list of our therapists return date:


( PLease note, these could change depending on direction from our College and Government)


Carolina Victoria, RMT To be determined

Janick Hebert, RMT To be determined

Giuliana Di Paola, RMT To be determined

Melanie Gallant ,RMT To be determined