Frequently Asked Questions About Massage Therapy At MyoCare

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Are you considering getting massage therapy to cure your aches and pains, but don’t know if it’s the right option for you? You’re not alone! When it comes to massage therapy, there are a ton of questions clients have but often find answers difficult to come by. At MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy, we want to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you get the most of our services and free yourself of physical pain. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about massage therapy at MyoCare.

1. What is the first appointment like?
After booking their massage therapy appointment at Myocare, many clients wonder what their first visit will be like. Here’s a brief description of what your first massage therapy appointment could look like. Upon arrival, you might notice no one is at the front desk. We do not have a reception, so grab a seat in the waiting area, and your registered massage therapist (RMT) will be with you shortly.

If you haven’t filled out the health history form online, you will be asked to do so. This is vital information that will help your RMT design a safe and effective massage therapy treatment for you. Once the form is completed, your RMT will bring you into the treatment room, where they will ask you some questions about your particular issue and your overall health. Again this is all crucial information that will help your RMT figure out what’s going on and how to treat it. 

The RMT may also perform a short orthopedic assessment, similar to what a physiotherapist or chiropractor does. This assessment is not always necessary, but in some cases, it’s imperative to ensure the massage therapy treatment will be designed to meet your particular needs. After the initial assessment, the RMT will explain what treatment they will perform for your specific needs. They will explain in detail what is going to happen during the remaining time of the first treatment.

After your RMT explains to you the treatment, you will have to give them your consent and ask any questions you may have. The RMT will then leave the room, let you get undressed to your comfort level, and then knock before re-entering to make sure you are on the table and covered up. They will then perform the treatment. After the treatment, your RMT will leave the room and let you get dressed. Once dressed, the RMT will come back in and explain to you what they have noticed about your tissues and what future treatments should be like, as well as how often you should come in. They may also give you some home care, such as simple exercises.

Finally, the therapist will escort you to the front, process your payment, and book your future appointments. Don’t worry, the initial appointment always requires a little conversation, in the follow-up appointments there will be little to no assessment, and you will spend most of your time on the massage therapy table receiving safe, and effective treatment.

2. Do you provide direct billing for massage therapy?
Yes, we can provide direct billing to most insurance companies. This means we will bill your insurance directly and collect payments from them. You will simply be responsible for covering the portion of the cost that the insurance company does not. To see which insurance companies we can direct bill, please visit our website at

3. Do I have to remove my clothes for the treatment?
It is not necessary, but it makes the treatment more effective. We can work over the clothing if you are not comfortable removing your clothing, but we will be limited in the types of therapies we can perform. If you prefer to keep your clothing on, we suggest bringing shorts and a tank top or sports bra so we can still access your tissues. If you are unsure about removing your clothing, rest assured your RMT always leaves the treatment room when you undress and dress, and you will remain covered with a sheet and blanket. The RMT will only be uncovering the areas they are working on, and sensitive or private areas will always remain covered securely.

4. Will massage therapy treatment hurt?
No, all the massage therapy treatments available at MyoCare RMT, are designed to work within your comfort level. If the massage is too aggressive, it will stimulate your nervous system and cause your tissues to tighten up to protect themselves. This is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. At the same time, some of the techniques we use can cause a small degree of discomfort or recreate your symptoms, but again it is always performed within your comfort zone. Some clients believe in a no pain, no gain scenario, but in most cases, better results are achieved by guiding the tissues to release and function properly, not by forcing them aggressively. After all, no one likes to be forced into something they are not ready to do, and your tissues are no different.

5. Will I be sore after the massage?
In most cases, the answer is no. Still, some people who have never received massage therapy treatments before, or have super tight or inflamed tissues, may experience some mild tenderness right after the massage, up to the next day. It will feel like the pain you feel after a workout. If a specific area is worked a lot, the tissues may feel tender to the touch. All of these are normal reactions to a massage therapy treatment and are part of the healing process. It should go away in approximately twenty-four hours.

6. What type of massage therapy does the RMT’s at MyoCare RMT perform?
Our RMT’s are highly experienced and trained in many different treatment modalities, including Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Relaxation Techniques, Trigger Point Treatment, Muscle Energy Techniques, and many more. All our Treatments are a combination of all these techniques and training. This allows us to perform client specific massage therapy treatments to help as effectively as possible.

7. Is there parking available at MyoCare RMT?
As we are located right on Bathurst Street, close to the intersection of Bathurst and Dupont, there is no parking lot. We do, however, have street parking available directly in front of the clinic, and as it is not a busy part of Bathurst, there are always spots available. There is also free parking on the side street, at areas such as Vermont. The only essential to note is that you cannot park on Bathurst before 9 am and between 4 pm to 6 pm.

8. Are all the therapists working here RMT’s?
Yes, all our therapists are registered massage therapists and are in good standings with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. They are also very experienced and passionate about helping others.

If you have any more questions about massage therapy, get in touch with the experts at MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy. As the best RMTs in Toronto, ON, we give you our 100% and are prepared to listen to your needs to create custom therapies that meet your requirements. All of our registered massage therapists have been highly trained in the assessment and treatment of muscular, joint, neurological, and stress-related pain and discomfort. That way, no matter who your therapist is, the hands helping you along your journey to health will provide you with high-quality massage therapy treatments.

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