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Pregnancy Massage in Toronto is becoming more and more popular. It is an excellent way to ease through the changes that occur in the body during pregnancy.

As the pregnancy progresses these changes become more obvious and in some cases can be stressful, uncomfortable, and even painful. Pregnancy Massage helps alleviate muscle tension, nerve compression, and stress related to these body changes so that the expecting mother can enjoy the wonderful experience of carrying a child.

At MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy, we specialize in providing exceptional Pregnancy Massage in Toronto, tailored to the unique needs of expectant and new mothers. Our clinic, nestled in the heart of Toronto's Bathurst and Dupont area, is a sanctuary for those seeking relief and comfort during and after pregnancy. Our Prenatal Massage in Toronto focuses on alleviating the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as back pain, leg swelling, and emotional stress.

Our skilled therapists are experts in Postnatal Massage in Toronto, helping new mothers recover and regain strength. We understand the challenges that come with motherhood and strive to provide a healing touch that not only addresses physical pains but also promotes emotional well-being. Each session is customized to cater to individual health needs, ensuring a serene and therapeutic experience.

Pricing of Pregnancy Massage

  • 90min prenatal massage $189.00

  • 75min prenatal massage $167.00

  • 60min prenatal massage $141.25

  • 45min prenatal massage $118.00

All rates include the 13% HST

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