Katrine O’Reilly DOMP

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in Toronto

Katrine O’Reilly DOMP

Katrine O’Reilly has been a therapeutic manual practitioner since 2004. She started her career as an RMT and graduating from the Osteopathic program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in 2015. Katrine strives to bring balance to the body and physical well-being to the individual.

Osteopathy not only treats pain, it also helps to find and treat the cause of discomfort through assessment, hands-on palpation and treatment along with home care recommendations. Katrine continues to pursue additional education, giving her diverse skills to help with chronic pain, TMJ issues, concussion syndrome, stress maintenance, digestive and respiratory issues, stress and anxiety, and many more.

Katrine specializes in

  • Muscle and joint manual treatments
  • Visceral manipulation and treatment
  • Craniosacral treatments
  • Lymphatic work

By combining all these modalities into every treatment, Katrine is able to help all the systems of the body function optimally, heal, and release pain.


Contact Our Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto, ON

Contact Our Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto, ON