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  • 90min TMJ treatment $ 189

  • 75min TMJ treatment $167

  • 60min TMJ treatment $141.25

  • 45min TMJ treatment $118

  • 30min TMJ treatment $95

All rates include the 13% HST, so what you see is what you pay

Few People know that Massage Therapy can effectively decrease the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. There are many causes of TMJ issues, but in most cases the end result is the same. Tight jaw muscles, popping in the joint, headaches, and difficulty opening and closing the mouth. These symptoms can greatly affect the quality of life for those who live with them. Luckily, the RMT's at MyoCare are trained to treat these symptoms with specific treatments to the muscles, and joints of the jaw. Not only can these treatments reduce the symptoms, but in some cases, can even treat the underlying cause of the dysfunction, fixing the problem at it's root cause. want more info? check out our blog post on massage therapy for jaw pain. Ready to book? Just book a regular massage therapy session with one of our therapists and let them know you have TMJ issues. She/he will focus the treatment on eliminating your jaw discomfort CHeck out our TMJ Dysfunction Blog article for more information.

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