Scott Koza R.Ac

Registered Acupuncturist in Toronto

Registered Acupuncturist Toronto

Scott is a Registered Acupuncturist (, specializing in facial rejuvenation and acute/ chronic pain disorders.

After graduating from Eight Branches College of Eastern Medicine, he refined his practice by integrating the latest advances in technology with traditional principles to create tailored treatment plans that effectively help patients address the root cause of their ailments. He incorporates red light therapy, infrared heat, microneedling, gua sha, cupping, facial massage, and the highest quality Japanese micro-needles to soothe and tone the tissues, gradually restoring the face’s youth and vitality. He believes that nurturing the relationship between your internal well-being and outward appearance promotes a balance that can be both seen and felt.

Conditions he regularly treats include TMJ, headaches, neck, back, and forearm pain, sleep disorders, low energy, anxiety, day/night sweats, plantar fasciitis, menstrual cycle regulation, digestive disorders and facial rejuvenation. He also holds additional credentials in both skin disorders and neurodynamic orthopedic acupuncture.

Whether your goals are cosmetic or pain relief, Scott takes a holistic approach so that you can look and feel your best, healing from the inside out. In his free time, he likes to paint and draw, holding a BAA in interpretive illustration. He is also a PSW care worker for quadriplegics, which has informed his gentle and empathetic understanding of the body.


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