Is Massage Therapy Right For Me?

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As massage therapy has grown quite popular throughout the years, several establishments are now offering it, including businesses (for employees) and airports (for travelers). However, as massages are synonymous with luxury spas and self-pampering, many people are on the fence about its actual purpose and health benefits. To give you an understanding of how massage therapy works, the experts at MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy have explained its benefits and the best ways to make the most of it.

The workings and benefits of massage therapy
Massage therapy is a hands-on, manual therapy that helps treat musculoskeletal issues, nerve compressions, and rehabilitates from injuries and pain. It is also used to help maintain overall health by increasing circulation and decreasing the stress response of “Fight or Flight.” Massage therapy is also a very safe procedure with minimal risk of side effects. It is provided in different styles depending on the problem you are experiencing and the pressure you prefer.

In case you find it challenging to communicate what your issues are, or what you wish to achieve from your massage treatment, don’t worry. All of the MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy registered massage therapists (RMTs) are experienced and trained to help you express your goals. To ease the flow of communication, we will simply ask you a series of questions that will determine your problems and requirements.

Should you feel apprehensive about not knowing what to expect at your first appointment, don’t fret as our RMTs will thoroughly explain the treatments, what it should feel like, and what to expect after the procedure. That way, there are no surprises, and you feel comfortable with our team right from your very first appointment with us.

How to make the most of massage therapy?
To achieve maximum effectiveness from your massage treatment with us, ensure you book your appointment within our RMT’s recommended time frame. That way, you don’t feel rushed, and the RMT can give you as much time as you required to point out your issues and requirements.

After the treatment, practice the homecare our RMT suggests and note how you felt on that day as well as the following few days. This information will help your massage therapist ensure the treatments are working for you or if they need to exert more pressure while treating you or change your treatment altogether.

How to identify a genuine massage therapist?
In case you cannot access the massage therapists available at MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy, there are several other reliable professionals you can schedule an appointment with. Just remember that as massage therapy is growing in demand, many providers claim to offer holistic healing through massages. But in reality, they know only the bare minimum about this practice. To avoid choosing these masseuses that barely provide relief, it’s essential to know the difference between an expert and an amateur. 

Genuine massage therapists are usually registered professionals with sufficient knowledge in their field. When you approach them, they will offer you the information you need and encourage you to ask questions. At MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy, we maintain excellent client-therapist communication to effectively treat you and help you achieve your goals of either flexibility, pain-relief, and serenity. Moreover, all of our professionals are trained, registered, and can provide you with customized massages to soothe your unique issues.

Similarly, we aim to work within your comfort levels so that your massage appointment can be a pleasant experience. So, if you are uncomfortable having a stranger touch your bare skin, we’re ready to offer you alternatives. Although massage therapy is generally performed directly on the skin, we can modify it depending on your comfort level. Massage techniques such as Shiatsu, stretching, and strengthening can all be performed with your clothing on.

How much does massage therapy cost?
At MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy, our rates are based on time and are pre-set, so there are no surprise charges at the end of the treatment. Our prices are set based on the recommendations from the Registered Massage Therapy Association and do not exploit those in need of our services. For more information about our massage therapy pricesvisit our services and rates page.

To get started with massage therapy from a reliable RMT in Toronto, ON, reach out to MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy. When you avail of our services, we respect your time and investment in our skills. As a result, we make an effort to understand your needs and expectations and honestly explain our procedures and result rates. Another benefit of choosing us is that our clinic is conveniently located close to public transit and street parking. Moreover, the interiors of our clinic are designed to encourage calmness, comfort, and relaxation.

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