Deluxe Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial (Includes Red Light Therapy PLUS facial massage & Gua Sha sculpting - 75 min )

Author: MyoCare Registered Massage Therapy |

75 min - $170.00

Facial Acu, Body Acu, Red Light Therapy, Sculpting Gua Sha Facial: This facial combines modern technology with traditional Eastern Medicine to reduce signs of aging, prevent premature aging, and give you an instant glow. This treatment includes: Facial acupuncture for overall skin rejuvenation; body acupuncture to correct disharmonies and treat skin from the inside out; Red Light Therapy for anti-aging; Facial Gua Sha for sculpted glowing skin. (The patient is NOT required to book an initial cosmetic acupuncture appointment prior to this treatment)

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