Masseuse/RMT Difference

Author: Mock Webware |

What is the difference between a Masseuse or Masseur and an RMT?

Masseuse and Masseur are names that were used by some people before we became regulated by a government body. The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) started assigning the RMT designation in 1995. Someone calling themselves a Masseuse today is not registered or regulated and likely not insured. What is the difference between “licensed”, “certified” and “registered”? “Licensed” and “certified” people are not the same as a Registered Therapist. They generally do not possess liability insurance and may have as little as 500 hours of training. They are not included in extended Health Care Plans nor are they regulated by the CMTO. It is illegal to use the name or designations RMT or MT if you are not a member of the CMTO. Recently, some people have tried to modify our designation to lend credibility to their practices. For example; “Registered Aroma-Massage Therapist” and “Registered Myomassology Therapist”. Please be aware that the ONLY designation given by the CMTO is RMT (which can be shortened to MT). These people are not controlled by a professional college nor are they bound by the RHPA. All RMTs have a photo registration card. Ask to see it if you are uncertain of a person’s credentials.

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