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How often should I have a Massage? There are two answers to this question. Many people receive regular massage throughout their lives;

  • For preventative health – to maintain flexibility, good posture and decreased stress response.
  • To manage painful conditions including chronic pain, headaches and back & neck pain.
  • To become more conscious of how their body functions – to be more ‘body aware’.
  • Also, Massage Therapy is excellent for specific conditions which require focused treatment plans such as: Injuries to soft tissue like sprains and strains and activity-based syndromes like Runner’s Knee or Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Treatment of contractures due to previous injury or surgeries.
  • Rehabilitation of a limb after removal of a cast. Your therapist will make recommendations about frequency and duration based upon your treatment plan. It is a good idea to stick with your plan so you can achieve the maximum benefit from treatment.

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