Fascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum therapy

Fascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum therapy

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  • 90 minutes Full Body Vacuum therapy  with Lymphatic massage 215$

  • 205 minutes Full Body and face Vacuum therapy with Lymphatic massage $230

All Rates include applicable taxes

Our Vacuum Therapy is performed as a add on to the Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Brazilian Lymphatic Massage, or can be performed as a stand-alone treatment.

In this treatment we use a vacuum tool to treat the majority of the body, always following the direction of Lymph flow and drainage. The sucking action of the device is similar to cupping, and helps release the superficial fascia, and increase lymph and superficial circulation.

Releasing the superficial fascia will help increase lymphatic circulation, because a large portion of the lymphatic system is found under the skin, and in the superficial fascia.

Other benefits of vacuum therapy are:

  • stimulate collagen production
  • decrease the appearance of cellulite (not get rid of it)
  • increase circulation to skin to help bring healthy nutrients to the dermis and increase its overall general health

Does Vacuum Therapy hurt?

Actually, it can, depending on how sensitive you are. We always start with the lowest suction in order to test your sensitivity level. The degree of suction we use will depend on, how sensitive you are, and what area we are treating.

Will it leave marks on my skin?

Generally, no, but it can. It can leave red marks, similar to cupping. This is caused by the increase in circulation. It can also cause bruising if you bruise easily. Both will go away, but you may want to pass on vacuum therapy if you want to avoid temporary redness and potential bruising.

Is vacuum therapy safe for everyone?

No, there are some contraindications to vacuum therapy. These are similar to the Brazilian Lymphatic Massage

  • Active cancers
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Renal (Kidney) Failure
  • Active infection
  • Active Blood clots
  • Removal of many Lymph nodes
  • Crohn’s Disease

Plus a few more

  • Open wounds
  • Active psoriasis, or eczema or Rosacea (just need to avoid the area).
  • Currently on Blood thinners
  • Varicose veins
  • Areas with acute swelling or infection

Will I see results after just one treatment?

Vacuum therapy will help lymphatic drainage, which will help decrease congestion under the skin. You will see and feel these results after one treatment. But in order to see change in the elasticity of your skin and the appearance in cellulite regular treatments must be performed, with approximately 4 weeks in between treatments. The reason behind this is Vacuum Therapy stimulates collagen synthesis. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the new collagen to grow and mature. Like all collagen it will eventually weaken and break again, therefor regular treatments are required for maintenance

Our vacuum therapy is usually a full body treatment and performed by RMT’s, meaning insurance receipts will be provided

Please note: There is a separate consent form to be filled out when booking this treatment

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